Pre-Employment Transition Services

Pre-ETS helps prepare students for work and the world after high school, including a wide variety of activities designed to help students learn about their options and make informed decisions about their future.

Pre-ETS prepares students for the workforce through pre-employment training in:
• career counseling and job exploration
• counseling on post-secondary education
• workplace readiness training
• instruction in self-advocacy
• work experiences in community employment settings

This is offered by community rehabilitation providers through funding from Vocational Rehabilitation. Stone Belt's program, Employment Foundations, is a partnership with five agencies covering 25 schools in 13 counties.

These services are offer a menu of services schools can pick and choose from based on the needs of their students. Choices can include one, two, or all, whatever meets the student's needs. All services are intended to supplement and not duplicate what schools are already providing.

Career counseling and job exploration

• Helping students recognize the importance of education to their future, including high school, technical schools and post-secondary.
• Interest and career testing to determine strengths and preferences of the student, and the skills needed in various careers.
• Career awareness training to gain knowledge of career paths and job opportunities and the skills and qualifications necessary to be successful in these positions.
• Informational interviews, guests speakers, workplace tours/field trips, and job shadowing to get detailed knowledge of specific career fields.
• Volunteer opportunities.

Work experiences provided in primarily integrated settings

• Apprenticeships
• Career Mentorship
• Career Related Competitions
• Paid Internships
• Non-paid Internships
• Practicum
• Service Learning
• Student-led Enterprises
• Simulated Workplace Experience
• Paid Work Experience
• Non-Paid Work Experience

Counseling on post-secondary education

• Helping students gain an awareness of the wide range of career pathway options and labor market realities and projections
• Helping students see how skill development and knowledge relate to future opportunities in postsecondary Education (PSE) settings and employment

Workplace Readiness Training

• Developing social/interpersonal skills such as communication (both written and verbal), positive attitude, team work, problem solving, cooperation, active listening, decision making, conflict resolution, professionalism, and empathy
• Developing independent living skills such as: good hygiene, time management, healthy lifestyle, using cellphones, using technology and assistive technology, transportation systems and accessing the community, community safety, services and supports, money management, appropriate dress, appropriate behavior, and civic responsibility

Instruction in self-advocacy

• Teaching student’s to communicate their own interests and desires, potentially including training in disability understanding and disclosure, setting goals and monitoring progress, evaluating options, and decision making, reasonable accommodations, requesting and accepting help, leadership and problem solving
• Teaching students self-determination because all have the right to direct their own lives, and teaching rights and responsibilities
• Mentoring and Peer mentoring opportunities

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