Spiritual Support

All people have a human right to choose their own expressions of spirituality, practice those beliefs and expressions, and participate in the religious community of their choice or other spiritual activities.

Spirituality is the power, energy and/or hopefulness in a person. It is what is deepest in us, what gives us direction and motivation. It is what enables us to survive bad times, to be strong and to overcome difficulties. Spirituality means different things to different people.

They may interpret it as:
— their religion or faith
— giving meaning and direction to their life, their "journey"
— a way of understanding the world and their place in the world
— beleif in a higher being or force greater than any individual
— a core part of their identity and essential humanity
— a feeling of belonging or connectedness

Spiritual Support provides support for each client to have access to their spiritual needs. Individualized support plans meet the spiritual needs of each person, and the coordinator supports the client to achieve these goals with an emphasis on community engagement and relational growth.

General goals for this program:
— provide access to religious and/or spiritual involvement
— support opportunities for individuals to explore and discover their personal spiritual goals
— promote meaningful relationships between faith communities and people with I/DD through education and communication
— support sustainable relationships with people in the community and faith community members.


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