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Faith Communities and their congregations will enter into an intentional and committed partnership with Stone Belt Arc and with one another to address barriers of access and inclusion for people with disabilities. Our hope is to work together to assess, reflect, plan and implement steps toward BELONGING.


Program Outline:

  • Initial Two Year Commitment
    • Congregation Assessments and Planning
    • Formation of a Disability Inclusion Committee
    • Individualized Congregation Consultation
    • Number of Congregations Per “Class”: 3-5
    • Building Belonging: Disability Inclusion Cohort
    • Participation in Hand in Hand
  • Continued Commitment, Partnership, and Involvement:
    • Access to webinars and community trainings
    • Continued involvement with Building Belonging: Disability Inclusion Cohort bi-monthly meetings
    • Congregation’s logo will be advertised on Stone Belt’s website as a committed partner.
    • Seal of commitment will be given to each congregation to display on their own website (will have number of years in the program displayed on seal)
    • Continued participation in Hand in Hand





Congregation Assessments

We will primarily be using the Stone Belt’s Indicators of Belonging to do the initial congregational assessment, reflection, and planning. Other congregational assessment tools can be used based on primary goals of the congregation.


Disability Inclusion Committee

Each congregation will be asked to create a Disability Inclusion Committee of some sort. This committee must include

  • at least one person with a disability and/or parent of person with a disability
  • a clergy (or equivalent)
  • one or more other interested congregants


Individualized Congregation Consultation

Each congregation have about 2 hours a month available to them for individualized consultation from the Spiritual Support Coordinator. This may include in-person or virtual trainings, conversations, and coaching:

  • Individualized Congregation Disability Inclusion Plan
  • Congregation specific training
  • Advisor and resource provider
  • Additional consultation to meet goals


Building Belonging: Disability Inclusion Cohort

At least one representative from each congregation will meet bi-monthly altogether to share ideas, offer suggestions, share struggles/successes, and training opportunities.


Hand in Hand

The congregation will participate in one of the following ways in support of the Hand in Hand program:

  1. Individual: 3 individuals will donate food and each of their homes will be a pick up location
Communal: The congregants donate food and their faith community will be a pick up location

Webinars (Archived)

Stories of Belonging (YouTube video)
Road to Worship: Transportation as a Primary Barrier to Belonging (YouTube video)
Bridging the Purpose Gap: Disability and Vocation (YouTube video)
Worldviews within the Disability Community & Culture (YouTube video)
Stories of Belonging (YouTube video)
Faith & Disability: Moving from Exclusion to Embrace (YouTube video)
What is Ableism? How Is This Evident In Faith Communities Today?
Welcoming People with Disabilities Across the Lifespan: They want what we want, They need what we need, They are we! (You Tube video)
Buidling Belonging & Inclusion in your congregation (You Tube video)
Support During Times of Grief & Loss (You Tube video)
Building Relationships through Mutual Connection with Non-Speaking Individuals
Creative Strategies for Inclusive Digital Worship
Hidden in Plain Sight: The Power of Spirituality in Inclusive, Quality Supports



Vulnerable Communion: A Theology of Disability and Hospitality
Author: Thomas E. Reynolds

Disability and the Way of Jesus: Holistic Healing the Gospels and in the Church
Author: Bethany McKinney

The Bible, Disability, and the Church: A New Vision of the People of God
Author: Amos Young


  • EnabledMuslim, a project of American Muslim Health Professionals (AMHP), is an online community for spiritual and practical support for Muslims with disabilities and their loved ones.
  • MUHSEN (Watch video) provides a range of accessible services, education, resources, and programs to encourage inclusion in your masjid.




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